At the Miami Winter Carnival in Miami, Florida, January 12-14, 2007:

Hacienda Guadalupe horses took first place in the 3-4 Year-Old Pleasure Fillies, placed in the Performance Stallions, took first place in the 4-Year-Old Classic Fino Fillies (a filly out of 222), and took third place in the Performance Mares.   On Saturday, a Hacienda Guadalupe colt, Calypso, took second place in the 3-Year-Old Classic Fino Colts, Habanera, a filly out of the Hacienda Guadalupe stallion, Vaticinio, took third place in the Classic Fino Mares.   Ernie’s customer, Michael, rode in his first show at the Miami Winter Carnival.  Michael took third place in the Amateur Pleasure Mares class.  His horse handled well and was extremely well behaved throughout the competition, which says a lot for Michael’s training and the quality of Hacienda Guadalupe’s horses. Vetiver de la Toja, a horse Ernie bred with a friend, was entered in three very difficult classes.  She took second place in the Pleasure Mares class.  Also, when Joel, one of Ernie’s trainers, rode her in the Classic Fino Mares class, the pair took third place.  The judges had them in first place initially, but a small mistake meant that they ended up with third.  Even so, everyone was talking about this mare!

In the Grand Prix in Tampa, Florida in November, 2006:

Rosa de Guadalupe, bred by Ernie Sanz of Hacienda Guadalupe took first place in the Amateur Class.  Rosa was also the Grand Reserve Champion in the Performance Mares Category!

At the International show in Puerto Rico in December, 2006:

Prominencia de Guadalupe, a filly bred by Ernie Sanz of Hacienda Guadalupe, took first place in the Fillies Category and was named the Grand Reserve Champion in the Classic Fino Category.  This filly also won five other Grand Championships in Puerto Rico in 2006!

At the World Show (Mundial) in Colombia in 2003:

Guadalupe del Secreto was named *The 2003 Grand World Champion Fino Mare* at the Mundial held in Medellin, Colombia is a direct daughter of 222 (Dos Veintidos). You should hear some of the comments said about this mare such as: “One of the World’s Best Fino Mares!” Guadalupe del Secreto faced the very best fino mares that Colombia and the world had to offer, and she reigned victorious and earned the title of Grand World Champion Fino Mare.  Understanding that the current Fuera de Concurso Mares showed in the same classes makes this win especially well deserved by Guadalupe del Secreto! Hacienda Guadalupe is also very proud of 222’s daughter Guadalupe del Secreto and would like to congratulate her current owner and also her breeder Nicolas Stephanou! Great Job!

In last year’s January edition of Paso Fino Horse World, Nicolas Stephanou wrote an article that was included in 222’s Top Ten Sire List and here it is for your review: “We had the honor of having 222 at our breeding farm. I bet with everything because I believed in him and still do believe in him. In his genealogy we found exquisite bloodlines that crossed well with mares of very good bloodlines. These crosses produced animals of extraordinary movements; finos, rhythmic, good front end, good back end, and quiet croup. Thanks to God, 222 and his offspring Ligia and I have received great satisfaction. We have received show horses and champions such as: Guadalupe del Secreto, Sonora del Secreto, Sombra del Secreto, Sandalo del Secreto, Mago del Secreto and others which at this time keep us in the list of Fedequinas, among the best breeding farms of Paso Finos for 2002. Thank you Ernie for having bred 222 and for giving Criadero El Secreto the opportunity of having 222 at our Breeding Farm.” Nicolas Stephanou