About Hacienda Guadalupe

Hacienda Guadalupe offers an in-depth knowledge of the Paso Fino breed, in all areas. These areas are as follows: breeding, training, management, sales, experience and study.

Hacienda Guadalupe has been created to produce the best Paso Fino horses with a gene pool that comprises the very finest that has existed in the Paso Fino breed (not only as far as pedigree, but thinking of the Paso Fino as a whole).

A few of the traits and characteristics of the animal that we have created are: the temperament, disposition, conformation, beauty and strong defined rhythm. We aim to combine two opposites in one: brio (spirit) and gentleness (nobleness).

To get the “best cross,” Hacienda Guadalupe combines experience of mating and the study of bloodlines. We combine these areas to achieve the finished product, which is a championship horse at the world-class level. “We have noticed that each area takes an immense level of study and experience in order to have a successful finish product.” –Ernie Sanz

Hacienda Guadalupe follows a few important steps to achieve champion Paso Fino horses. First, the study and mix of bloodlines is a critical part of the breeding process. In addition, Hacienda Guadalupe raises the foal in a specific manner, evaluates its gait and its predisposition. Lastly, careful selection of the correct trainer that is compatible with the needs of the specific horse is vital, in order to take the animal to its fullest potential.

We have gathered the best bloodlines available, allowing us incredible potential to create magnificent animals. Each and every horse of Hacienda Guadalupe carries “blue blood with diamonds running through their veins.” We sincerely believe that we can offer a unique strain of the best Paso Finos in the world.

We are convinced that some of the best animals that have existed in the Paso Fino breed are being created and raised in Hacienda Guadalupe, in Miami, FL. Hacienda Guadalupe breeds “top of the line,” World Class Paso Fino horses.