Hacienda Guadalupe’s History

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Hacienda Guadalupe’s Awards and Recognitions

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Our Family

In Cuba, Ernest’s paternal grandfather had a similar business of working with the Paso Finos and Ernest’s maternal grandfather was a breeder of thoroughbred horses. Ernest (Ernie) Sanz started showing Paso Fino horses in Puerto Rico, in 1969. In 1973, Ernesto Sanz, Sr. imported 25 horses from Puerto Rico. Ernie’s first shows in USA were in 1974. At age 16, he started going to shows on his own. In the 1980’s, he started traveling to shows with his parents and his sisters. Then, Ernie Sanz imported three more horses from Puerto Rico in 1980.

Hacienda Guadalupe (originally, Santa Barbara Ranch) was created in 1980 as a family-based business. It started with Ernesto Sanz, Sr., Rosa Sanz Juelle, Ernest (Ernie) Sanz, Shelly, Maria, and Gema. In 1982, Ernie imported his first horses from Colombia. Later, in 1984, he imported a group of extraordinary mares and a national champion stallion from Venezuela. As soon as those mares came into the US, they started to make names for themselves. Out of one of those mares, the great 222 was born. In 1984, the stallion Cappuchino de Bochica was imported to the US together with some great mares like Chapolera, Rosalera, Zarzamora de Candelazo, La Chispa, La Soraya, Armenia, Anfitriona, La democracia, La Gaitana, and others.

In 1992, 222 was born. This marked a turning point for Hacienda Guadalupe. The Sanz family has worked together for several years to make Hacienda Guadalupe great. The Sanz family has grown and continues to provide exemplary horses and service for generations to come.